Vasco Dias

Hello there. I'm a Software Developer and this is my personal page.

Currently working and mostly invested in Scala language trying to reach the mystical land of strong type-level and pure functional programming.

Other languages / toolkits I've used through the years include Javascript, PHP, C/C++, GTK+/GObject, Qt and Java.

Besides being interested in general programming languages innovations and on acquiring experience in different paradigms I also spend some of my time learning about the following topics: cryptography, security, privacy, cryptocurrencies, distributed systems, p2p technologies, linux, copyright and the teachings of our saviour Stallman.

You can most likely also see me writing some non-sense and rants online about other things like anime/manga, sci-fi series and comics.


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If you wish to contact me directly, you can try the following email address:

[m] [weird AT symbol] [nickname] [dot] [com]